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What Is The Dream Vision Team And Helping Hands Internatonal All About?

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The Dream Vision Team are a team of home business entrepreneurs who are driven, not only by the thought of building a great business, but also by helping others to achieve success and make a better life for themselves. We are partnered with the organization known as Helping Hands International.

We work with an organization that has been developed to help people who are seen to be less privileged than those of us who are in the developed countries of this world.

The organization is responsible for rendering charity services all over the world, specifically in Asia, Africa and the Middle East. There are many countries that have benefited from projects which include Philippines, India, Pakistan, Kenya, Nigeria and Cambodia.

Helping Hands International is not a “pyramid” scheme or similar that you may have had experience of in the past. It’s an ethical and approved organization that is NON governmental and has been developed out of the passion and commitment of the founders to improve the lives of people all over the globe.

Helping Hands International (AKA H2i) has a mission to empower you and people all over in a very unique way like we have with many thousands and the team believes in this insight and vision.

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As an organization, Helping Hands International believes that the greater support we offer, the greater number of people we influence and empower – the better and more happy we will turn out to be. We believe in the expression: Be of good service. Regardless of whether you are making yourself available for a friend, colleague or someone else who may be a lot less privileged, there is certainly nothing that produces a greater feeling of empowerment than simply being of service to a person in need of help, offer a helping hand right now” This is our key driving vision. Making this a real possibility for everyone is the goal we have set – Check out our outstanding solutions to your needs and problems.

What Are The Benefits Of Helping Hands International (H2i)?

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Life Empowerment Solutions

In H2i we will help you improve your future; inspire you and also make positive changes to your life once and for all. With this life empowerment service, we strive to make life much better and special for all our associates because we give you support and assist you to develop skills that will inspire you to take steps to enhance your way of life and lives of other people. Our life changing service is actually a multi-dimensional procedure that instills power within you to become helpful for yourself as well as the people all around you.

We are here to encourage you with incredible services that enhances the lives of our associates and non- associates (including the much less privileged).

These services consist of:

  • Humanitarian Services
  • Trade and Skill Procurement Support
  • Assets and Property Investment Solutions
  • Financial Assistance services
  • Scholarship Empowerment solutions

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